Permanent Hair Removal

Painless | IPL technology

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Laser Hair Removal At Home

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Main Features

5 Intensity Levels

The IPL device is painless even on its highest strength,it just feels warm or hot on the skin depending on how high your setting is.The 5 intensity levels ensure the light intensity is right for your skin tone.*The IPL device not fit for all skin tone and hair colors.

2 Operate Modes

Fits perfectly in the hand for better control. Convenient to carry not only use at home. 2 Operate modes: The automatic flash mode is especially convenient for larger areas like legs; you also has the option to press the button manually each time.

999,000 Flashes

999,000 Flashes,deliver an equivalent to 20-30 years of treatment, after every treatment, the number of hairs is reduced. Continuous use result in beautiful, smooth skin for life. A professional IPL treatment system suitable for the women and men.

Enjoy Your Smooth Skin

Reviews from Our Community

The product is great! I have been using it on my legs I’ve completed 3 treatments in the past week and my hair growth already appears to have slowed down! This is great for me as I used to shave every day.


It's worthy the spent. much cheaper than other device on amazon and way cheaper than getting it done in a was quick and well packed. It came with charger, very easy to use.


Needed a portable sized ipl for the suitcase and this is it. Not irritating and seems to burn the follicles effectively for hair removal.